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This unit is inspired by the famous Jim Carey finding his love for painting. 

It is a great demonstration that we as humans are always evolving and changing. 

His passion as a child of sketching later modeled into creating these beautiful paintings. 

When I was a child I loved traditional art, and then that developed into my passion for digital art. 

ASSIGNMENT #1 - Artist Clips Trailer (20 Sec): Derek Gores

You have seen Jim Carrey's Inspirational Video.
Now it is your turn to take  already filmed footage of another artist and make your own 20 second edit. 


1. > CLICK HERE for the footage and audio that you will require to make the video. 

PLEASE DOWNLOAD it and use it. Note that there is also a Audio file for the music to play in the background. 

2. Using either Premiere Rush, WeVideo, iMovie to create a "20 second" video. 

      a. Use the Video tutorials to help you create your video.

      b. The goal is to create a video that is no less and no more than a 20 second video.

3. Showcase skills that were taught from your video tutorials such as adding TEXT, TRANSITIONS and CROPPING. 
> Add a title at the beginning with his name Derek Gores
> Add transitions between each video clip
> Add a crop or  scale somewhere in your video

4. Make sure you use a minimum of 5 of the artist video clips.

5. Use the audio track as background music. 

6. Export and then Submit it as a .mp4 file. 
NOTE: Make sure that you EXPORT your video into a .mp4 (H.264 format). 

Student Examples

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