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Yearbook Cover Assignment 

You task is to create the yearbook Cover. You need to include the school name and date on the spin of the cover and have flow between the front and back cover! You will lay it out using Adobe Photoshop.

Please follow ALL of the steps!


Step 1 -- Gather many different types of information (must be appropriate). Ideas from the Internet, other yearbooks and book cover ideas. All images used from the Internet MUST be royalty free. Use the sites listed.


Step 2 -- Come up with at least two rough sketches of two different layouts for your cover. You must complete your coloured rough drafts BEFORE you start your final copy on the computer! Use paper provided!


Step 3 --You must include our school name and school year on the front cover and spine FTB=Feet to Back.

Proper way not the French way!


Step 4 – The Cover must follow the theme that was decided. Ensure that you have good flow from front to back!


Step 5 -- Save project as “firstname_lastname_cover.psd” and save it to the classroom in the assignment folder.

Student Examples

2021-2022 - Doodles Theme

2018-2019 - Doodles Theme

2017-2018 - Geometric Theme

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