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Possible Project Ideas


In this course you will have the opportunity to present project ideas to me. To help jump start your creativity, please read the list below.

Also, feel free to look at online resources like and



SOME IDEAS..... (think about what your portfolio may need for university)


Graphics Project (2 Weeks)

> CLICK Here to get inspired. 

- Vector Portrait


- Creating a identity package (choose 2)
(logo, business card, brochure, poster, possibly website...)

- Currency Project

Magazine (min 10 pages)

- Drink label + POSTER (Not Energy Drink, choose a different kind of product) to advertise it. Example: a coffee cup label and poster. 

- T-Shirt packaging (logo / tag on clothes)

- Company Poster Design 11" x 17" and Bus Shelter Ad (Must be different yet have continuity)

- Cereal Box design. All 4 sides. 

- Social Media Campaign (website - can use six or weebly + 1 facebook ad + 1 instagram ad) This is a good second project idea to work off of a concept that you created in your first project. 

- IRHS Brochure​ (must take own photos)

- Hand drawn book cover, then digitized and drawn in illustrator. 

- Restaurant Logo and Menu (double sided)

- The Eddies Poster (can enter this in the following years competition)
Must create 2 different designs. 

- Photo collage (must have a min of 8 clipping paths).

Graphic Project (4 weeks)

> CLICK Here to get inspired. 


- Vector Portrait (Depending on technique. 4 weeks due date for large shape style. 8 weeks for small shapes style). Please discuss this with me first. 

- Creating a identity package (Must choose 4 items)
(logo, business card, brochure, poster, possibly website...)

- T-Shirt packaging (logo / tag on clothes / box)

- Clothing company branding.
Create company logo, Poster to advertise it and 2 T-shirt Designs.

- Drink Label, Package Design, and Poster (not energy drink)
example coffee cup design.

- OCTE Take Tech Posters (5 posters required. Should have continuity)

- Corporate Re-branding (logo / and 2 product packages)

Magazine (min 10 pages)​ (Must take own photos & edit them for this time frame)

- Restaurant logo, menu (double sided AND must have images with clipping paths) + a poster to advertise the restaurant 

- Logos for each department in the school

*** The expectation is that they will all be designed using illustrator with proper knockouts. ***
- Art
- Business
- Canada and World Studies
- Family Studies (Social Science and Humanities)
- Moderns
- English
- Guidance
- Health & Physical Education (HAL)
- Mathematics
- Computer & Information Science
- Science
- Tech

Video Projects (4-8 weeks)

Most video projects will be a 4 week project. However, there is the possibility of completing a 8 week video project. If you have a video with a long duration or a difficult After Effects video, please discuss it with me before you start. 


- TV Show

- Movie Trailer (min 3 minutes) 
Remember to showcase skills. 

- After Effects Projects


- Reality TV show

- Short Film

- Music Video

- Make a video for the Eddies competition

> Please look at the categories here

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