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Photoshop Energy Drink Logo and Label

You are to create a new logo for your company and a new label for your bottle. 
• Create your logo in Photoshop. Try using different Text and Shape combinations, and various drop shadows, glows, and styles to make your logo.
• Ensure that your logo is pleasing to the eye, interesting, easy to recognize, and appropriate for the product of your company.
• The company name should be fictitious.
• If using photographs on label or logo; photographs/ images must NOT be stretched.
• The logo must be a focal point on the label and stand out.
• Be creative!

Must have the following items on the label;
• Scanner code
• List of ingredients
• Nutritional guide
• Amount of mL
• Custom Logo

• Logo and Labels must be designed using 300 dpi
• Label must be 3 inches in height x 9.25 inches in width

• Logo and Labels must be handed in .psd format with all layers in tact

and named properly.
NOTE: the logo CAN be handed in on the same file as the Label.

Good luck to all. I will be walking around answering any questions and offering my opinion and advice on your designs.

Feel Free to Download Free Fonts from to use for your work.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 2.36.26 PM.png

Free Stock Photography

Free Font (many fonts are free for student/personal use only)

Free Vectors

How to Download and Install Photoshop Brushes

*** Make sure you save your brushes to your student drive as you will have to reinstall them everyday.***

Download Fonts

Download fronts from

*** Make sure you save your fonts to your student drive as you will have to reinstall them everyday.***

Student Examples of label and Poster

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