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PINK DAY T- Shirt Design & Video

T-Shirt Design

*** This will be done individually. ***

For this performance task you will be creating a T-SHIRT design for next years PINK day.

- T-shirt design must be created on US paper size in Illustrator. 

- T-Shirt designs MUST be unique. Can retrace aspects of some designs, but overall logo design MUST be unique. 

- Logo can be designed for either a black, white or grey t-shirt

- Target audience - unisex design



*** This will be done individually. ***

You will be also be creating either a promotional video for PINK day OR a Breast Cancer Awareness Video.

- The video can be created in Premiere or After Effects.

- Video must be between 30-60 sec.

- Logo must appear in the video at some point.

- Video can either be all motion graphics using images below or vector graphics, or a kinetic type video (After Effects)


- video can be a campaign with actors (Premiere) and use titles for text.


Images that can be used for the video

If you would like to use any photos from last year. This is NOT mandatory.
> Click HERE for 2017 pics 

> Click HERE for 2018 pics

> Click HERE for 2018 Video Footage

Student Video Examples

Student T-Shirt Examples

Click on the graphic to open up a pop-up gallery showing previous years designs.

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