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Logo - Assignment

Your Assignment - You will be creating a company logo of a new company that does not currently exist. 

You will need to come up with a company name. From there you will create sketches and vector digital versions of the logo. 

Step 1: Research and Come up with a Company Name, concept and demographic. 

Step 2: Research competition and analyze their logo, the shapes and colours they chose. 

Step 3: Sketch on a piece of paper 10 designs.

Step 4: You will chose 5 designs designs from your sketches and create vector versions of them. 
Circle the ones that you will be vectorizing. 

Step 5: After that you will choose 1 design and make another version of it in colour. 
There is no maximum amount of coloured logos. However, please try at least 5. 

Step 6: Final Design can be put on a Mock-Up. Not mandatory.
These mockups will be .psd documents.


Hand In

You will be handing in the following:
- 10 sketches (a picture of your paper)
- 5 vector designs

- colour versions of final design (minimum 5)

* 1 finalized design (this will be the same as one of the 5) of 1 black and white and 1 version in colour

As much as I appreciate simplistic designs, you will need to showcase your skill set. You are not allowed to simply just find a typeface and type something out and call that a company logo. You can however create your own custom font using shapes or the pen tool in Illustrator. 

You must take into consideration the design principles. Make justifications to why you created your logo. This write up can be in your sketchbook or handed in electronically with your logo.

Page Dimensions

page setup.jpg
decay logo (1).jpg



Playing with Design

Target market: young families. Medium end type of restaurant. 


Target market: Adults. High end restaurant. Black signs with gold metallic logo. 

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