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Illustrator Tutorials


Please watch the videos and recreate it in Illustrator.

Illustrator can be tricky to use and can get frustrating at some points. If you still need additional help, please let me know and I can work with you.


For each of the following videos (1-3):

1. Watch them and then Re-Create your own version using the given files
3. Upload your .ai and.jpg to the classroom for completion marks.

1.Illustrator Tutorial -
Creating and Adjusting Shapes

Students will create their own version of shapes and upload it to the classroom for completion marks. 

2.Illustrator Tutorial -
How to use the pencil and pen tool

Students will create images using the PENCIL tool, using the PEN tool and then TRACING A LOGO of choice. Do NOT trace the twitter logo.

3.Illustrator Tutorial -
Pathfinder / Arranging Shapes

In this tutorial, students will learn how to create shapes, arrange them, and use the path finder. Once completed please hand in your ELMO to the classroom. 

Illustrator Tutorial -
Tips & Tricks for your assignment

Students will learn some tips and tricks necessary for your vector portrait. You do NOT need to upload this to the classroom. HOWEVER > YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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