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UI Design - Explained

UI design is User Interface Design. A graphic designer will create the visual aesthetics of what the user experiences. Such as the visuals on apps and websites.

The UI designers job is to create all of the screens of the products (apps / websites). The UI designer will also create a mockup of the user interactions (example: where the buttons will lead you too).

The UI designer will create wireframes, colour guides, 

The UI designer has to be creative as well as have the ability to put themselves into a users perspective. 

Step 1 - Sketching

Step 2 - Wireframe Design

Step 3 - Components

Step 4 - User and Task FLows

Step 5 - Mock-Up Designs

Step 6 - Prototypes

UI vs UX Design


UI Design is the visuals for the front end experience. 
UX Design is the brains behind the operation. 

UI Designer Skills


UI Design uses software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create initial designs and then software such as Adobe XD or Figma to create the prototypes.


Designs can also be created directly in Adobe XD or Figma. However, some designers prefer to create their designs in Photoshop or Illustrator first and then import them into Adobe XD or Figma. 

UI Designers must be familiar with Graphic Design Fundamentals such as colour theory, typography, UI patterns, and gestalt principles. ​

Read more here:  color theorytypographyUI design patterns,  the Gestalt Principles

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