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Ad Re-creation


For this project, you will find either a print ad or a commercial/PSA that already exists that you can re-create.  You must be aware of your skill level and must be able to dissect the ad/commercial in order to re-create it. However, if you are up for the challenge and you need assistance, please ask.

Print ad pre-production includes printing off a copy of the ad and making notes around the ad as to how you will re-create individual objects.
Examples could be including colour information, what/where you will take digital pictures of, objects that can be made in Illustrator, font families, sizes.

Commercial/PSA pre-production includes downloading the ad and creating a shot list.  You will also need to write out any dialogue, locations to shoot, props etc.


NOTE: Video MUST have a PIP (picture in picture) of the original commercial.

You will have 2 weeks to complete the assignment.  


For ideas, check out


Interesting website worth looking at

Student Graphic Examples

click on photos below to scroll through gallery 

Original Photo
Student Replica

Student Video Examples

Placed 3rd in the 'Ad Re-creation' category at The Eddies 2019.

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