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Yearbook Photos

How to take good yearbook photos


Photography Basics

Reviewing the basics of how to take good photos


Photography Scavanger Hunt

In a group of 2 you will take photos of the following: ---->

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Upload all Scavenger Hunt Photos to Goggle Classroom

DSLR Camera Basics Tutorial: Shutter Speed / Aperature / ISO

1. Something Red

2. Something Green

3. Something Blue

4. Something Moving

5. Something Shiny

6. Something Alive

7. Jumping

8. Nature

9. Sign

10. Metal

11. Portrait

12. Long Shot

13. Light

14. Laugh / Funny

15. Earth

16. Hashtag

17. Dance

18. Shoes

19. Friends

20. Lines

Photography Analysis

Individually you will answer the following questions for each photo.

Write brief, yet specific, answers for these check-up items:


1. Is there a clear dominant element or center of interest in the photo?

What is it?


2. Does the photo tell a story? What is the story?


3. Assess the technical quality of the photo (focus, detail, noise,contrast,



4. Assess the composition of the photo.


5. How could this photo be improved?

Photography Story-telling Assignment

In a group of 2 you will take photos for the following assignment


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