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Final Interview




You will create a Shot List for Your Interview. 

Please review the lesson on Shot Types, Camera Angles and Movements before completing the Shot List. 

> CLICK HERE to view the Shot List Template

PART 2 - ASSIGNMENT - Final interview

Students will film and edit an interview (documentary) or exposition scene (fiction) that incorporates A and B roll footage.


- Video must be between 1-2 minutes. 

- Must contain A & B Roll Footage

For the B-Roll, you can use photos (that you took) and add motion to them. However, you must film some B-Roll.

- Must have a minimum of 4 questions.

- You have the choice to film it as either a Sit Down (1 camera edit edit) or documentary style. 


*** Do not forget to add a variety of shots to create a stronger interest. 

Student Examples - Classic Interview Style

Student Examples - Documentary Style

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