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Yearbook Individual Pages


All students will be responsible for coming up with a mock up of each major section of the yearbook.

Your mark will be reflected as a whole of these designs. You must show continuity between your pages. Think of the yearbook theme. 

You will need to design a double page spread for each of the following sections:

1. Sports (1 side is a single page spread. Such as JR Boys Football. Team Photo / Action Photos / Roster List. Possibly add a quote)

Other side will have 2 teams that do not have action photos. Such as Girls Softball and Jr Boys Hockey. These just have the group photo from Club & Sports day with the roster list.)


2. Clubs (2 groups per page - A group photo, a list of all members and whatever else you would like. Maybe you want to add a quote or some action photos?) 


3. Events (Action Photos with a description. Possibly a quote.) Single page per event


4. Grad Informals (2 groups per page with their details added. )





Students will work in grouped sections of the yearbook, yet create their own spreads. 

Please use the planning sheets and review the rubric to see how you will be marked for these pages.

Please also use the interview sheet to help gather content for your pages.

> Yearbook Staff Info Sheet

> CLICK HERE for planning sheets

> Sports & Clubs

> Events

> Misc Pages

> Grads



Miscellaneous Pages Assignment- DUE DEC 19

Students will create 1 double page spread with a different theme on each side. 

If you want the double page spread to have the same theme on both sides, you will need approval from the teacher before you start. Most themes DO NOT need a double page spread. 

Both sides MUST showcase a minimum of 15 pictures on each side. 

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