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For this assignment you will be creating a voice over audio for one of the following videos.

> DOWNLOAD videos here.

This can be done individually or in a a group of 2. If you decide to work in a group of 2 - both partners voices MUST be on the audio track. 

The script must be approved before commercial / voice over is recorded.


STEP 1 - You will create your audio in Audacity, export audio file as .mp3

STEP 2 - You will import your .mp3 audio file into Adobe Premiere and lay it over your chosen video file. You may have to remove the original audio from the video...or have that audio play lower in the background.

You will need to upload both the .mp3 (Audacity) file and the final video (Premiere) to the classroom.

- Plug in your microphone into the headphone jack on the front of your computer.

- choose MIC IN when you get the pop up

- Open Audacity. Do not open Audacity before putting the mic into the computer.

- In Audacity, make sure you can see the mic is in. You may have to choose it in the drop down.

Student Example

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