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Assignment #1 Photoshop - Scary Image

Use an image of yourself, or a celebrity and morph them into a creepy/scary zombie.

Use the tips and techniques that you have been taught in class.
Remember you are not limited to just the retouching tools we have been learning.


Everything is fair game.
Don't forget to use adjustment layers to create a muted darker scary feel. Layer Blending Modes and filters are other tools that could somehow be incorporated into your design.

You are also required to add a background that compliments your zombie.
Remember you are graded on how creepy and scary you image is, not cute or funny looking.


You must use all images provided (scars / vampire teeth / blood / cat eyes) 
AS WELL - you MUST include 5 of your own images. This can include a background.

NOTES: If you would like to use a picture of yourself, you can borrow a camera.

If you use a celebrity, you MUST submit the original image when you turn in your project.


Find Additional Images for your project using one of the following websites:

*** Remember you can never scale an image up or it will become pixilated. You can scale images down if they are too large.***

Student Examples

Rebecca Wang Zombie Assigment
Scary Photo.jpg
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