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ASSIGNMENT - Vector Canada Poster

'What it means to be Canadian' Vector Poster

You will be creating a vector poster of What it means to be Canadian.

The topic MUST be school appropriate. You MUST make your own Vectors.
You can borrow ideas online - however, you can not steal images.
They must be your own design. 

Document Standard Paper Size - 8.5" x 11. 300dpi
You can make it in either landscape or portrait view. 


  • Multiple custom vector designs

  • Something that represents being Canadian

  • Typography


Themes can include but are not limited to:

  • Hockey, Curling, Skiing, Snowboarding or any other sport that is popular in Canada

  • Snow

  • Canadian Animals

  • Indigenous Heritage and cultures

  • Canadian Cities or Provinces

  • Famous Canadian's

  • Maple syrup, Maple leafs

Canada Poster (1).jpg

Student Examples

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