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Research Assignment

Students will have 1 class period to research one of the following topics.

This must be completed for homework as presentations will be tomorrow. 

* Must have a min. of 5 slides with detail and photos. 

5 marks for each slide with details.               /5

5 marks for images on each slide                  /5

Choose one of the following topics:

- Studio Lighting (what kind of lights are they and why are they used)

- Wacom Tablet

- Macro / Zoom Lenses

- 3 Point Lighting

- Lazer vs Injet Printers

- Steady Cams / Shoulder Rigs / Stabilizers

- Video File Types (extensions) What are they? and why are they used?

- Graphic File Types (extensions) What are they? and why are they used?

- How Microphones Work 

- Gimp

- Adobe InDesign

- Corel Draw

- Adobe Lightroom

- 3D Studio Max

- Maya

- Blender

- Premiere vs Final Cut

- Picas vs Points vs Pixels


- Web graphics vs Print Graphics (resolution)

- History of the Printing press

- Vector vs Bitmap

- Pantones vs CMYK vs HEX colour values

- 3D Printers

- Materials that can be printed on and designing for them

- Anatomy of a Typeface

- Mockups / Proofs

- Different types of a director role

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