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A letterform is "The particular set of shapes seen in each individual letter of our alphabet, every one of them having characteristics that distinguish it from all the others in order to retain legibility."

The letterform of every "R" for instance must be different in a very particular way from every"P."

Type is

"In typography, a letterform produced electronically or photographically, most often with a computer. Before computers took over this function in the late twentieth century, type was a small block of metal or wood bearing a raised letter or character on the upper end that leaves a printed impression when inked and pressed on paper. This heritage has given us a huge vocabulary of terms we use in reference to type."

A typeface or font is

"the design of a full set of letterforms, numerals, punctuations and other characters unified by consistent visual qualities."

Typefaces are frequently grouped as of various distinctive kinds: as serifsans serif, script and decorative.

Modifications in a typeface can create design variety while retaining the essential visual character of the face. These include variations in weight (light, medium, bold), width (condensed, regular, extended), and angle (roman or upright, and Italic), and other elaborations (outline, shadowed, decorative, etc.)

In Class Assignment

Using any software, you will write your name 8 different times using different fonts / sizes / colours.

Explain under each name:

1. Why did you choose that font?

2. What emotion or feeling are your trying to convey?

3. Why did you choose that colour?

4. Which design do you feel is the most effective?

Once you are done upload it to the classroom
(name the file your name_logo)

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