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Units & Timelines

The grade 9 tech program here at IRHS is split to 1/2 semester of 'soft tech' projects (what you see below) and the other 1/2 is 'hard tech'.
You will have the hard tech component with another teacher. 


Unit 1 - Sketching (1 week)


1 pt perspective of the street view - 3 days


2 point perspective of the room view - 1/2 day


Orthographic and Isometric -
Students draw orthographic and isometric views of their cellphone - 1 day

* extra 1/2 day for students that need extra time


Unit 2 Comm Tech (2.5 weeks)


T-Shirt Design 

- Fundamentals (2 days)

- Elements of Design + Principles of Graphic Design

- Graphic Design What Makes A Good Ad?

- Complete advertising analysis. (1 day)

- Present Advertising Analysis to the class (1/2 day)

- Photoshop video tutorials (3 days)

- Create the T-shirt (5 days)


Holiday Card (2 days)


Unit 3 - Interior Design (2.5 weeks)


MTV Cribs Dream Room Assignment 

- Interior Design Power Points (1 day)

- Watch MTV cribs videos (1 day)

- Create a Floor Plan in either (home by Me, Floor Planner, Home Styler) (5 days)

- Creation of a PPT Digital Design Board (ex. paint swatches, furniture, lighting, rugs, hardwood / floors, ALL design ideas) (5 days)

  Students create screen shots and put them into a Power Point Presentation that they will show the class

- Presentations (2 days)


Unit 4 - Engineering Design Unit (2 weeks)


3D Print Unit (1 week)

- Tinker Cad

students create an easy small item to 3D print

Card Stock Shoe Design (1 week)

- Build and test a cardboard shoe

- Last day is the big race


Unit 5 - Architecture Unit (2 weeks)

Cardboard / Card Stock / Construction Paper Famous Landmarks 

- Research landmarks and come up with a concept (2 day)

- Create model of landmark (6 days)

- Create a write up about your landmark and why you chose to create the cardboard version. Discuss the building process with photos in your presentation. 

- Presentations (2 days)

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