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Dodge and Burn using curves

Students will learn how to use adjustment layers and masking at the same time. 
Once completed, upload final .psd image to the classroom to receive completion marks. 



                  Original Photo                                                               Natural Beauty Adjustments                                                       High Fashion Adjustments

Dodge and Burn Tutorial


1. Adjustment layer - curves, hit the finger, eye drop lightest point and drag up to bring up exposure

rename layer DODGE

hit command + i to invert

* we need to invert the mask so we can paint on it


2. Do the same thing but this time, colour pick a dark layer, drag down

rename layer BURN

- hit command + i to invert


3. Now we are going to paint more light and dark tones

Make sure you have a soft brush chosen, opacity and flow are low to start.

You will have to play with them to find your perfect match. Each area of the face can differ depending how you want the light to play.

- Make sure the foreground colour is set to white.


4. In the dodge mask, we are going to add any light that needs to be adjusted. possibly the middle of the forehead to balance out the tones, down the nose and chin, underneath the eyebrow bone, inside the eye area (near nose), the white parts of the eye, middle of the lips. This is also a technique that professional makeup artists do when using contouring techniques.


5. In the burn layer mask we want to now add more shadows. Using a bigger brush and possibly a higher opacity and flow setting, add shadows to the sides of her face, darken her eye brows, around the rims of the eyes, the eye crease, the eyeshadow. You may want to lower the opacity and go lightly around the bottom sides of her nose. If you want a softer lip, do not dodge. If you would like it bolder, then dodge it. At this point, you also may want to dodge her hair and the background.


6. Go back and add any burns that need to be added.


7. Put both of the dodge and the burns into a folder called NORMAL


8. Duplicate this folder


9. Rename duplicate folder to MULTIPLY


10. Now in the MULTIPLY folder, change the burn to multiple and opacity to 64% (play around with that number)

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