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Industrial Design




Industrial design is a broad discipline that isn't limiting. Industrial design is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of products may be improved for marketability and production. The role of an industrial designer is to create and execute design solutions towards problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales.


Industrial designers are basically conceptual engineers. The objective of this area is to study both function and form, and the connection between product and the user - product as it happens in any other architecture area, being the only difference, that here the professionals that participate in the process are all specialized in small scale design, rather than in other massive colossal equipments like buildings or ships............ 

The engineering design process is a formulation of a plan or scheme to assist an engineer in creating a product. 

Sketching is very important for industrial design.

Click to download a printable shetch sheet.

Download graph or dot paper here.

PROJECT 1 - Laser Cut Light

You will create your own design of a laser cut light using a thin cut veneer, Illustrator and the laser cutter.

PROJECT 2 - Here you will have a chance to come up with your own product design.

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