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In this unit you will create a 2-5 minute safety video of one of the following topics;


- Knife Safety (how to hold a knife, how to pass a knife, how to use a knife safely)

- Foodborne Illness (food poisoning, e-coli, food recalls, etc)

- Kitchen Fires (water, grease, electrical [oven, microwave])

- Proper Ways to grocery shop (buy which items first to last)

- Order of how to wash dishes

- Food Storage (how to store meats from other items in the fridge, store potatoes, veggies, dairy, etc)

- Safe Food Handling (ex. thaw foods, cooking heat at ___ to kill bacteria, time to serve foods etc)

- Cross contamination (ex. utensils while prepping multiple items, how to cook / prep meats and other foods, washing hands & dishes etc)






Video to watch for ideas/ inspiration

Knife Safety

Foodborne Illness

Kitchen Fires

Food Storage

How to Wash dishes properly

Safe Food Handling

Cross Contamination

Keeping it Kleen Quiz

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