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Tri-Fold Brochure


In order to complete this assignment, you must be comfortable

with the following:


- Taking photos

- Editing photos

- Cropping photos

- Using blending options

- Using the text tool

As well as, basic printing information:


- DPI / Resolution (standard print is 300dpi)

- CMYK vs RGB (standard is CMYK unless otherwise noted - check printer)

- Using rulers / guides

- Margins (standard is 0.25" or 1/4)

- Bleeds (standard is 0.125" or 1/8th)  * Check with printers this can change





1. Create a new document , size depends on if you are adding bleeds

     300 dpi, CMYK

2. Using PS guides, set up where your margins and gutters are.

3. You are going to have to determine if you would use 1 document with

     folders for the front and back OR Have 2 documents.  

     In industry - if the printer wants .tiff or .pdf then you are fine to have 

     1 document. However, if you are working with a client that wants the 

     .psd file, it is easier for them to have 2 documents. Get to know who

      these documents are being created for.

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