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How To Project


This is a 1 week project where you will create a step by step print tutorial on how to use any of the graphic / video software.


For this assignment you will focus on one specific skill to write a 4 or 5 step/with screen shots how to.  You will need to include why this skill is important to know/learn. Be sure that the steps are short and easy to follow and that the screen shots that go along with the steps are cropped/have arrows to make it easy to follow.


Examples could be:

- how to create clipping paths in Photoshop

- how to make a old photo look new in Photoshop

- how to colour correct in Photoshop

- how to clean up skin in Photoshop


- how to use the pen tool in Illustrator

- how to use the pathfinder in Illustrator

- how to use gradients in Illustrator


- how to add, trim, cut clips in Premiere

- how to colour correct in Premiere

- how to add titles in Premiere


Project Example

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