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Special Effects Commercial / Product Promotion


For this assignment you will create a commercial or product promotion using multiple special effects.

Your video must be between 30-90 seconds in length.

Feel free to use any song for background music.

* Create a shot list of what shots you are going to use with detailed information (shot type, camera angle, camera movement etc)

Feel free to look at for ideas and tutorials.

> DOWNLOAD Rubric Here

Student Examples

Green Screen Clips

> DOWNLOAD Green Screen Footage Clips HERE
     - fire (fire, fire balls).      - muzzle flashes

     - force fields                   - explosions

     - energy balls                 - lightning 

     - wizard magic               - fight carton text

More video effects footage on

Video Files

> DOWNLOAD Video Clips HERE from Pexels



> YouTube Free Audio Files

There are a lot of free CCL Creative Commons Licence songs you can use on the internet. MUST be CCL.

Sound Effects


If you choose to use a different sound clip, please discuss with me.

NOTE: If you decide to not film your video and download one instead.

Make sure that the effects look like they could be in the original commercial.

This is a harder technique to accomplish. 

Examples of Commercials / Product Promotion

A special thank you to Mr. Brunato for the video tutorials and course content

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