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UI Design

Here you will learn about UI design and how you can create continuity between your web, tablet and mobile devices. 

We will discuss more in the class with teacher led lessons. 

Please watch this tutorial in the meantime. 


For your assignment, you will come up with a company. Your company could be a fictitious company, self promotion, a portfolio, or for a small business that you know. 

You will need to create the following:
(Remember this is the minimum. There is no maximum)

1. Website (minimum of 3 pages. Home / About / Contact)

2. A tablet version (minimum of 3 pages. Home / About / Contact)

3. A mobile versions (minimum of 3 pages. Home / About / Contact)

You can do your designs directly in Adobe XD or create artboards from Photoshop or Illustrator and import them into Adobe XD. 

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