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Special Effects

Using the video tutorials (from download link) you will go through each one and then make your own effects project.

Time 30 sec - 2 min.

> DOWNLOAD Tutorials Here

Feel free to explore different online effects tutorials.

Some can be found here.

Or VIEW some that are listed below from Youtube.


Students will create their own Effects Video and present it to the class. 

Please review RUBRIC below


Green Screen Clips

> DOWNLOAD Green Screen Footage Clips HERE
     - fire (fire, fire balls).      - muzzle flashes

     - force fields                   - explosions

     - energy balls                 - lightning 

     - wizard magic               - fight carton text

More video effects footage on

Video Files

> DOWNLOAD Video Clips HERE from Pexels



> YouTube Free Audio Files

There are a lot of free CCL Creative Commons Licence songs you can use on the internet. MUST be CCL.

Sound Effects


If you choose to use a different sound clip, please discuss with me.

NOTE: If you decide to not film your video and download one instead. Make sure that the effects look like they could be in the original video.

This is a harder technique to accomplish. 


This one is not a tutorial. It is a reference of effects in AE.

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