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Awareness Video

> DOWNLOAD Rubric Here

Create a Video in After Effects TO RAISE AWARENESS of a social issue. Upload an image and music to your video.
Individually research a fact and make sure its school appropriate, once you each have your own fact show me and  start to work in AFTER EFFECTS making your 60-90 SECOND VIDEO.


Idea possibilities: (feel free to come up with your own idea)

- bullying

- littering

- self esteem / body image

- cyber addiction

- social media

- unsafe driving (texting, doing hair, talking to friends etc)

- graffiti (can be a pro or a con) look at graffiti alley in Toronto or paid graffiti jobs

- video gaming addiction

- recycling / green bin

- music and the impacts it can create (positive or negative) ex RAP - negative female imagery, HARD ROCK - angry

- poverty & homelessness

- pressures of gender roles

- LGBQT awareness 

- pressures to fit in

Green Screen Clips

> DOWNLOAD Green Screen Footage Clips HERE
     - fire (fire, fire balls).      - muzzle flashes

     - force fields                   - explosions

     - energy balls                 - lightning 

     - wizard magic               - fight carton text

More video effects footage on

Video Files

> DOWNLOAD Video Clips HERE from Pexels



> YouTube Free Audio Files

There are a lot of free CCL Creative Commons Licence songs you can use on the internet. MUST be CCL.

Sound Effects


If you choose to use a different sound clip, please discuss with me.

Student Examples

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