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Graphic Design - Fundamentals

Classroom Assignment - What is Graphic Design?

In groups of 2 you will come up with a definition (of your own) what graphic design means.
You will also need to prove your definition with 5 example images.

I also want you to list 4 different software's that are used to create different graphic design pieces.

We will discuss the answers at the end of class.

Understanding Copyright And Licenses

The Web is full of creative and practical resources that we can use to improve our projects. Photography, fonts, music and code are perfect examples. Finding stock objects and existing implementations is often quicker, cheaper and more practical than producing your own.

Whether free or not, these resources normally come with a license to ensure fair use. For professionals, understanding the limitations of a license is critical; with this knowledge, you’d be surprised by what’s available. Understanding copyright and licenses allows us to do what we do best: be creative.

Read following article:

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