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Photoshop Advertisement Poster for Energy Drink


Here’s what you need to do: 
You are to create a advertisement for your energy drink company. 
• Create your advertisement in Photoshop. 

• Try using different backgrounds, text and shape combinations, and various drop shadows, glows, and styles to make your advertisement.
• Ensure that your advertisement is pleasing to the eye, interesting, easy to recognize, and appropriate for the product of your company.
• If using photographs on advertisement; photographs/ images must NOT be stretched.
• The logo must be a focal point on the advertisement and stand out.
• Be creative!

Must have the following items on the advertisement;
• Company Logo
• Company Name
• Company Slogan
• Paragraph Description of the Product
• Your company name somewhere on the ad 

• A small description on where to get more information 
(ex, you are at an event - RedBull often sponsors events, or 
possibly a website address, or maybe logos of stores that it is sold in)

• Advertisement must be designed using 300 dpi
• Label must be standard paper size -

11 inches in height x 8.5 inches in width

• Advertisement must be handed in .psd format with all layers in tact

and named properly.

How to Download and Install Photoshop Brushes

*** Make sure you save your brushes to your student drive as you will have to reinstall them everyday.***

Download Fonts

Download fronts from

*** Make sure you save your fonts to your student drive as you will have to reinstall them everyday.***

Student Examples of Poster

There MUST be continuity between the poster and the label. Please look at the labels below to see how they have continuity from the posters. 



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