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3D CAD Design

- ASSIGNMENT - Locker Re-Design


If you missed the google sketchup lessons, please view

additional tutorials here.


AutoCAD Design

You will recreate the following images in AutoCad
(Stop Sign & Robot)


Student Exemplars

Project Set - Up

When you first open up SketchUp you will see a man standing there. Feel free to either move him to the left, or delete him.


Next, you will see the X.Y,Z lines. (Red, Green, blue)


Using the 'Rectangle' tool, start to draw a rectangle the length of the green line, and down from the red. The longer side should be on the green line.
DO NOT CLICK. Instead start typing in the following... You will see that SketchUp will use what you are typing in their co-ordinates window at the bottom / right of the screen.


Type in - 1',20'

This is telling sketchup that you want your locker to be 1' in depth and 20' wide.


Now we need to set the height.


Using the 'Push / Pull' tool, click on your rectangle and start to pull your locker wall up. DO NOT DO A FINAL CLICK. Instead, type in the following co-ordinates.


TYPE - 8'

This tells sketchup that we want a 8' height.


Now we need to separate the 2' header from the actual 6' locker.


Using the 'Rectangle' tool, start to draw from the top, left corner of the locker wall. You may have to orbit around to get a clearer image. 

Type - 20',2'


You should now have your wall separated from the header and the lockers. Now use the 'Select' tool and select the 6' section of the locker wall and delete the front face. You locker should now look like the photo above.


Time to now draw in the details of your lockers.



Google Sketch Up Help & Tips

Draw A Sphere or video


Draw a bowl or dome


Draw an inner tube


How do I draw polygons (triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, and so on)?


How do I draw a pyramid (pull up a pyramidal hipped roof)?


Drawing and Editing Strokes



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