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Assignment #2 Photoshop - Put Yourself Into a Scene

Haven't you ever wanted to meet a celebrity?

Well, so did this guy! He decided that it would be easier just to Photoshop himself into photos with celebrities.

For this project you will take a photo of yourself and merge it into another photo/ scene. 

Requirements are that you must have an overlapping feature. Example is your arm behind their back, their hair on your shoulder etc.

Adjust lighting, hue/saturation, colour balances etc to make the photo look more realistic. 



Find Images for your project using one of the following websites:

*** Remember you can never scale an image up or it will become pixilated. You can scale images down if they are too large.***

Student Examples

Put Yourself Into A Scene - Kabir Bedi.jpg

ORIGINAL IMAGE /\                       EDIT VERSION ->

Rebecca Wang Put Self in a Scene.jpg

ORIGINAL Image BELOW      |     NEW Image ABOVE

Rebecca Wang Put Self in a Scene1.jpg
Put yourself in a photo assignment - Pretty Little Liars (4).jpg
child seat.jpg
Mohammad_Misha_Put Yourself in a Scene.jpg
Nel put yourself into an image.jpg
Put Yourself in a Scene.jpg
Put Yourself in a Photo Assignment.jpg
me in full house.jpg
Kanye West and Sophie.jpg
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